Blue Lotus: Smokes, Aromatic Spray, Body Oil, Tea



Directions of Use: As a ceremonial experience there are a few important ways to prepare for your experience to ensure you receive the most out of your connection and journey!

  1. Create a place where you feel relaxed, either in a room with soothing music, candles, or a beautiful bathtub
  2. Begin with setting your intentions of how you want to connect with this sacred flower
  3. Use the Meta Morpho Celestial Smokes to get you elevated and relaxed
  4. Spray the room and your face with the beautiful Aromatic 777 scent to activate your heart and crown chakra
  5. Take a bath or meditate with some beautiful soothing music
  6. Journal your thoughts and insights
  7. Connect with yourself and/or your partner with our exquisite non-greasy Meta Morpho 777 body, face and hair oil
  8. Give each other or yourself a massage and drink up the delicious hydrating and tantalizing smells
  9. Make love to yourself by envisioning the life that fills your heart with joy
  10. Mark love to your partner allowing the Blue Lotus to activate a deeper connection with each other


Enter into Divine Ritual with our Blue Lotus Sensual Ceremonial Box.  This ceremonial experience will activate a wide range of sensory feelings depending on your intentions.  Whether you are desiring to partake solo, with a partner or friends there is deep magic to be had when intentionally connecting with this multi-dimensional flower!

In this beautiful ceremonial box you will receive all our blue lotus methods of consumption including: smokes, tea, aromatic spray and body oil.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions .6 × 6 × 9 in


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