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We use our Chakapas for similar purposes in our Mushroom, Cannabis, and Blue Lotus Ceremonies. We hand make them here in Hawaii with the Bamboo leaves on this land.

Each Chakapa is made to order specifically for the individual. When you make a purchase we will contact you to ask you about colors and crystals. We also infuse your intention into the Chakapa making process.

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Chakapa (sometimes spelled shakapa or Latinized to shacapa) is a Quechua word for a shaker or rattle constructed of bundled leaves. Bushes of the genus Pariana provide the leaves for the Chakapa.

Curanderos (healers) and other shaman of the Shipibo-Conibo people in the Peruvian Amazon use the Chakapa in healing ceremonies.

In an ayahuasca ceremony, for example, a curandero may shake the chakapa around the patient while singing an icaro (healing song). The sound of the Chakapa is said to comfort patients in an ayahuasca ceremony and “cleans” the energy surrounding the patient. Shaman have a large variety of chakapa movements that create different sounds and energy waves; these movements match the coinciding icaro and healing that is being done at the time.

Chakapas can be used for all types of ceremonies and are a beautiful tool to cleanse energy, create a hypnotic trance or sing to.

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  1. Heather

    The chakapa I ordered is so beautiful and is my favorite instrument on my medicine music wall! The details are so special and I can tell it was made with love and intention. Thank you for my special piece.

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