Mush Love Guide Book

A Roadmap to Your Journey with Magic Mushrooms
Let The Magic Be Your Guide

44 Page Illustrated Soft Cover Book


A Roadmap to your Journey with Magic Mushrooms
Author: Sari Starr

As our society gets more and more interested in psychedelics and specifically psilocybin, information and destigmatization become crucial in providing harm reduction to the people who wish to venture in these complex territories. Sari’s book offers well-organized and useful support and orientation as she diligently speaks of intention, preparation, care and caution, and integration. I am pleased to see such writings come into people’s hands for safe and fruitful experiences.

— Francoise Bourzat – Author: Consciousness Medicine. Founder, The Center for Consciousness Medicine

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This guide was intended for the safe and intentional use of Psilocybin Mushrooms. Now that we are seeing a surge in the decriminalization of plant medicine and a re-surge of the psychedelic renaissance, more and more people are looking for natural ways to heal trauma, gain more self-awareness, connect to Spirit and expand their consciousness.

During my time mentoring people in plant-medicine integration, I would receive many questions about how to use mushrooms, especially for first time users. After consulting with many people I decided to write this guide as a road map to experiencing the most rewarding journey.

The goal was to create a book that would not only educate, but inspire creativity, imagination and magic.  It is an extension of the beautiful ways that this medicine has gifted me deep insight into the Divine Mystery of our existence.

Please proceed with reverence, mindfulness, respect and love.

Mush Love,
Sari Starr

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